Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wanted: stories of stigma

From Boston University's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation:
"Although there is agreement that stigma is one of the major factors affecting the recovery of people with psychiatric conditions, we still know very little about the variety of more subtle ways people encounter stigma in their everyday lives."

They've posted an online survey, asking patients to describe their experiences with stigma and discrimination. They'll use this data to develop programs to help patients cope with stigma.
"Who can participate in the study? Persons in recovery who have encountered stigma and discrimination because of their psychiatric condition...

Descriptions of stigmatizing experiences people in recovery have encountered in various social situations (i.e., in their neighborhood, workplace, school, in health settings, etc.) and of the ways they dealt with such experiences will help us develop training materials for this new intervention."
-via NAMI.
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