Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ten things I've never done

I heard Dr. Sanity's page this morning: a self-disclosure meme is making the rounds, and she's passed the baton here. Let's see...I have never:
1. Climbed a mountain.
2. Played the violin.
3. Found enlightenment.
4. Balanced my portfolio.
5. Travelled to China.
6. Taken a cruise.
7. Attempted suicide.
8. Used a digital camera. (We have a slide scanner.)
9. Watched the Sopranos (or House, or Gray's Anatomy).
10. Met another blogger, in person (at least, not knowingly).
Now, who will be next? Codeblog? Medmusings? Medical Madhouse? Botanical Girl? Sanity Optional? Anyone? It's in your hands now. (Excuse me, while I think about #4...)
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