Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sad news

We've just learned that my mother-in-law has been hospitalized with pneumonia, and is not doing well. In fact, she's unresponsive, and her oxygen saturation hovers at 70% despite the best efforts of her doctors.

She's 82 years old, and has been struggling for the last few months. She has diabetes and congestive heart failure, and has had at least three strokes. Last month, she was treated for urosepsis. After each medical crisis, she has "bounced back," to greet her four sons (and inform her doctors that they don't know what the "bleep" they are doing).

But this time, she's not bouncing back. It seems increasingly likely that she will die on Mother's Day, if not before.

No one needs to be told this, but: Hug your mothers, everyone.

Update: We just got the call. She's gone. (She died as we were trying to book a flight, to be at her bedside.) Mike is dazed. Mother's Day won't be the same for us, ever again, I'm afraid.
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