Saturday, May 21, 2005

Move in progress

At last, our search is over. We've closed on our new house in Eugene. It's quite a change from the house we're leaving (seen here, here, and here), which Mike's uncle calls "a view lot with a house on it."

But it's larger, quieter, and more convenient. It's "lighter and brighter," in real estate parlance. It's five minutes from shopping (and a Borders!). It's ten minutes from each of our jobs. It's ten minutes from downtown, twelve minutes to the Hult Center with our beloved Eugene Symphony, and fifteen minutes from the university. It will be easy to see patients here, if that ever becomes necessary.

Here, take a look! (But that's not our furniture. These photos were taken by the listing agent, before we bought it.)

(Above, that's the "sunroom." It has a nice view of the garden.)

(That pink brick is no more. The painters are taking care of it, as I blog.)

So, we are excited. We've begun packing and sorting. (How did we accumulate so much...stuff? What were we thinking? And what will we do with it all?)
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