Monday, May 16, 2005

We're back.

Katie's funeral is over. Again, many thanks for the kind e-mails, which continue to arrive. (How will I ever answer all of them?) The trek East was fairly smooth, from Eugene to Delaware (via Portland, Chicago, and Philadelphia). I wanted to give the family my full attention, so I didn't post.

Dr. Charles
sent a wish that this experience would bring our family closer together. I think that did happen. We appreciate that our time together is too brief.

I once had to teach residents and interns about bereavement. I talked about the pain of learning to live in a world that does not have the deceased person in it, and of the necessity to forge an identity that matches the new reality. I emphasized that grief does not proceed in regular "stages" or "phases;" that it gets better, then worse, then better, then worse. We observe never-ending manifestations of grief, rather than resolution.

We're just beginning, here. (It's especially hard for Mike, whose job sent him to Taiwan yesterday, after he dropped me off in Eugene. He's had scarcely a moment to think.)

But let's get blogging.
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