Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The first Carnival of Nursing Blogs!

Head over to Thinking Nurse's blog:
This is it! The very first carnival dedicated to the ways of thinking, feeling and acting we call 'nursing', an activity of 'Head and Heart and Hand', the place where science and art meet, clash and fuse in the strange and wonderful synthesis of daily life.

Managers of health services say that they see nurses as 'valuable human resources'. These pieces of writing demonstrate that we are more than human resources, we are 'human beings', engaging on a daily basis with other human beings in a way that no other health profession can - people see nurses for the most crucial and intimate of reasons, at all stages of the lifespan, at all times of day and night. Nursing is about life and quality of life, about health and human potential, about the mutual support and solidarity of the human species.
And a huge round of applause to my sister, who graduates this weekend with a PhD in nursing!
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