Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Some of em get to you..."

"Why can a bloke ninety percent of the time wade through the misfortune of peoples lives with empathy but remain emotionally untouched. But just occasionally some simple little thing gets through..."
That's Country Paramedic Australia, blogging about a "Pedestrian V car" accident. The victim is a "little (30yo) sweety," a "slightly mentally disabled person." She "left the scene (ran back to work)," but they track her down: "sobbing her heart out telling all and sundry it wasn't her fault." The driver of the vehicle that struck her "was speeding and left the scene," and "the coppers were rabid. I wouldn't want to be him when they caught him."
"She had such a way of cutting through to my emotions that I only lasted anout 15 seconds before I bolted and left my partner to finish the checks

"I went and busied myself with calling her relatives and calming her coworkers. The tears were right there.

"Funny Business I guess"
Some of 'em do get to us.

Funny business, indeed...
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