Monday, June 12, 2006

Question 36

From a multiple-choice pathology exam:
36. The poet Yeats wrote:

An aged man is but a paltry thing,
A tattered cloak upon a stick, unless...

A. He finds a younger woman, has a fling,
And then yells out, 'I never will confess!'

B. He takes Viagra pills, to boldly bring
To his beloved his mighty manliness.

C. He uses Rogaine, and by next spring
Has hair regrowth that's certain to impress.

D. Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
For every tatter in its mortal dress.

E. He burns his 'Path' book, and while it's smoldering,
He shouts out loud, 'I'm DONE with that B.S.!'
-Ed's Pathology Notes.


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