Saturday, March 11, 2006


1. What did Shrinkette spill on her computer keyboard this week, rendering it inoperable?
A. Chateau de Beaucastel Ch√Ęteauneuf du Pape, 2001

B. "Cosmic Elixir" (dewdrops collected from the leaves of 12 endangered plants)

C. Infusion of virginal tea leaves harvested from the shady side of the Himalayas during a full moon (-via the C.O.)

D. tap water
2. Which blog fodder went unposted, due to a soaked keyboard?
A. Why I've sworn off vanilla lattes.

B. "The truth about work." Do we secretly love meetings?

C. Snow in Eugene. Thursday's commute looked like this. (Great photos by L. A. Price.) Snow excites us here. We hardly ever see it. (The snow melted quickly, though. There's enough for one snowball in my yard today.)

D. Rejection at a Paris sex club. "...there is a strict door policy. 'If someone isn't sexy enough, we turn them away,' she said. 'But we turn them away with love.'" (TimesSelect, unfortunately.)

E. Simple exercises can boost our cleverness 40% in one week.(...Oh, really?) -via Mindhacks.

F. "Black.White"

G. A Hasidic Jewish reggae star.

H. All of the above.


Blogger jw said...

Pity about the keyboard.

I have a tremor and due to that spill things on other things as part of everyday experience. Thus, I use Microsoft's ergonomic keyboard which is for all practical intents & purposes immune to liquids. In its' guts is a gel like membrane which blocks out almost everything.

You might want to try it. The weird key placement soon becomes natural.

1:59 AM  
Blogger Bardiac said...

I'd root for 1A, but it would probably be a horrible waste. I've been told by a friend that if you turn off the computer very fast (so that you don't fry circuits with whatever liquid), you can put keyboards through a dishwasher, dry them well, and then they should work again. (I've never tried it, though, so no guarantees.)

1:06 PM  
Blogger BiPolar Guy said...

1 = C
2 = H

No doubt about it

8:44 AM  

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