Thursday, December 02, 2004

Calling Protective Services...

Diane, at "The Write Wing," says she's a "nurse from a blue state." Here is one of her posts:

Me: You say you first noticed your child lost all vision 4 months ago?

Mom: Yes, something like that. I've been meaning to get it checked out, but I have 3 other kids and she's been dealing with it really well and all.

Me: Any allergies?

Mom: Yes, I think so.

Me: Do you know what they are?

Mom: Oh, those drug names are so hard to remember. If you call our old family doctor in Oklahoma, I'm sure he has it all written down.

Me: Do you have that doctor's name and number, by any chance?

Mom: Hmm. It started with an 'M' -- Miller? Monroe? Something like that. Or maybe it was Williams. He had brown hair and blue eyes. Do you have any idea how long this might take?

Unbelievable. Tragically, many in health care will not be surprised by this...

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