Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Regrettable trends

1. Inserting the words "blogs" or "bloggers" into time-worn phrases.(As in, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make bloggers," etc.) I've done this myself ("brave new blog"). I resolve to resist the urge!

2. Mainstream journalists and bloggers dissing each other. (Where are the adults?)

3. Appending the suffix "-pundit" to anything and everything. (It's more common than "-ette"...isn't it?)

4. Blog paraphernalia. ("Blog tattoos," for one.)

5. Spam comments. (Spam anywhere!)

6. Blogger apologizing profusely for its fainting spells, almost daily. (I really shouldn't complain, since it's still free...)

7. Staying up into the wee hours, staring at the Sitemeter. (Look...Singapore!)

(update - I don't know why medlogs delivers a page of code when asked to access this post. It doesn't happen consistently, though. Anyway I'm re-naming this and re-posting it, to see if it makes a difference...)

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