Saturday, November 27, 2004

Reminder: the next Grand Rounds... at DoctorMental. Deadline is Monday, November 29, 9:00 pm ET. Here is the link with the details. Some thoughts on my own hosting experience:

First, there's an astonishing variety of great blogging out there. I could have easily expanded Grand Rounds with more terrific posts. (The submissions were great, but I didn't wait for them. If I saw something interesting, I grabbed it.)

Second, we're getting hits. Grand Rounds #9 coincided with two blockbuster events: Rather's resignation, and the live-blogging of the crisis in Kiev. Sort of a "perfect storm" in the blogging world...yet, we had readers. In fact, according to my sitemeter, we continue to attract readers. While never ascending to heights attained by the Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich (clearly another blockbuster event), we did enter the top 50 on Blogdex.

And here is what Will Femia said, over at Slate/MSNBC News:
Grand Rounds is a relatively new collective effort at a weekly round-up of posts from medical blogs. I prefer to use this space for more specific recommendations, but after clicking three of the links on the list, I decided to just point to the whole thing.
(How did he find us? I have no idea.)

I encourage all medbloggers to send DoctorMental their finest. People are taking notice. Please consider hosting, also. Just drop Nick a line...

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