Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rare insight

Haiku from Mr. Sun:
it is very odd
my whole family is weird
yet i am perfect

Other recent discoveries: via Morning Retort, an excellent post about nursing, from Geena.
We deal with every single kind of person imaginable: those who are demanding, scared, out of control, manipulative, unappreciative, violent, combative, crying, screaming, uncompliant, chatty, mentally ill, angry, depressed, confused, disoriented, critically ill, on the mend, thankful, kind, sleepy, or dead - both expected and unexpected...

Here's a daily round-up of popular posts. It's from MSNBC, which thinks that what we're doing is important. They linked to one of our Grand Rounds, which really helped to get the word out.

And in Say A Prayer, a woman chronicles her husband's difficult recovery from a stroke.

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