Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Which triangle appears to be suffering more?"

Dr. Deborah Serani:
"...if you're like most people, the triangle that is rotated more from the vertical position is the one that is suffering more. The triangle that is vertical, standing on point is stronger.

"In a recent study, Pavlova and her colleagues[1] found that imbalance or instability in a picture of static objects is what leads individuals to attribute emotion to them. In a psychological sense, it is as if we see ourselves as the object. Being vertical and grounded is a state that is pleasing and empowering to us. The shapes that feel off-center evoke an off-centered feeling for us."


Blogger Joel said...

Are you suggesting that we sufferers of mental illness should limp so that people will believe that they are really sick? ;)

9:02 AM  
Blogger Fallen Angels said...

LMAO Joel!!

12:26 PM  
Blogger Greg P said...

Triangle 1: you are tense, uptight, probably an overachiever. You realize you probably didn't deserve the job you have, but what could you do? You can't help the fact that your uncle works in HR. Best to just put in your time, but it's so hard to relax.

Triangle 2: you are aloof. Sure, you deserved the job Triangle 1 got, but it was just a dead-end position anyway. Now that you see what it's doing to 1, you realize you're better off. At least you know how to kick back and relax.

8:04 PM  

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