Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Still Doing It"

" a documentary film profiling nine older women as they talk about themselves, sex and love in later life," says the physician at The Blog That Ate Manhattan.
"Still Doing It tackles the stereoptypes and preconceived notions about sex (or the lack of it) and aging. The women profiled are thoughtful, insightful and brutally honest as they talk about their aging bodies, their needs for intimacy, what they are still doing and what they wish they could do...

"My favorite character was Frances, the 87-year old blind, wheelchair-bound woman who found her soulmate in the nursing home. And yes, they had sex. "Aware that many people see her as "nothing, but an old woman in a wheel chair," she is defiant in living her life on her own terms. 'When I'm having sex nobody matters. I'm in my own world, David is in his own world and we don't give a damn...'

"Fishel takes on the nursing home, health care and retirement community industries and challenges them to recognize that sexuality is a lifelong issue for their clients...Still Doing It is a great vehicle for opening up the dialogue around sexuality and age. I encourage you to see this important documentary if you are afforded the opportunity."


Blogger BiPolar Guy said...

Let's keep it up ;)

5:21 AM  
Blogger Raine said...

Having worked in a nursing home and I am absolutely positive that sexuality does NOT disappear with age. My observations were that even tho physical unable the desire for intimacy was still active for both men and women and I believe they have the right to whatever intimacy they can achieve with whomever is willing. However there was one situation where a man in a convalescent hospital my daughter worked at had to be treated for gonorrhea due to the hooker that had been coming to his room. They might make condoms available???

12:17 PM  

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