Saturday, February 04, 2006

The first Carnival of the Bipolars up, at Joel's Pax Nortona.
"This first Carnival of the Bipolars is my take on the electronic ties that dissolve the isolation that many bipolars feel from spending their lives in their living rooms, terrified of going out while in episode, scared of the “normals” who mock them and make sport of their fast-talking, their racing thoughts, the shaking that ripples from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet and back again. Inside this disease at its worst is a continual soliloquy...

"Most of the people who appear on this page suffer from my disorder. Others have similar problems for which my sympathy is deep. Of they live with someone like me. It’s hard enough being human. To have any disease or any order of pain, I think, is the profoundest expression of a large part of what our constantly growing and failing chemical reactions must be about. Choosing who to include and for what was hard. The arms of bipolar stardust stretch well beyond these representatives. I hope we’ll draw in more of our kind because no matter how distant we are, this Internet helps us to step out, to find others like us, and develop a new language that describes what our living is about."


Blogger Ruth said...

Most interesting, thank you! We have eleven bipolars in my family currently living. The first one diagnosed, my sister has had an interesting stream of doctors. One local psychiatrist, her first and at the time was the head of our local psychiatric hospital, actually told us that the only thing wrong with her was that we had an ancient Indian curse upon our family. Seriously! Being a genealogist, I've traced back 5 generations that it appears to come down. Family gatherings sure get 'interesting'!

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