Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's the thought that counts, Scott

...isn't it? Scott Adams, on his Valentine's Day offering to his sweetheart:
I cleverly bought some flowers a day early in order to beat the Valentines Day rush, and also so I could get the “good stuff” before it was gone. What I learned is that smarter guys bought all of the “good stuff” at least TWO days ago. I couldn’t go home empty handed, so I picked the best of what was left. It was grim.

I’m no flowerologist, so I can’t identify all of the flowers in this arrangement. But I’m reasonably sure that two of them are dryer lint and at least one is a used hanky on a coat hanger. The rest of them are either dead or at least hunting quail with the Vice President if you catch my drift...


Blogger jw said...

I've never understood the Valentines & flowers thing. Why would my wife get excited about a bunch of dead plants? Why would anyone?

I got her chocolate, that has MERIT! She got me a book! That too has MERIT!

Oh boy ... I guess we're .... practical!


1:51 AM  

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