Saturday, January 07, 2006

"It deeply engages all of us."

Dr. Richard Shannon, MD, at a press conference on Mr. Randal McCloy Jr.'s recovery. A reporter asks him for his personal view: how important to a patient's recovery is emotional support?
"Let me just say personally it's very important to the care team, it's extremely important to have all of that positive love and affection that one sees, it deeply engages all of us in our work. And so that's for sure an effect that I can tell you is personally measurable on myself, certainly on the nurses..."

He says the nurses have been like "guardian angels" and "surrogate mothers at every moment." "...And so you feel all that and I have to believe that, as I'm sure you do, that when you feel love and affection you feel better, even when you're asleep.

"I think that's the effect of this outpouring..."
(live-blogged from TV!)

Afterthought - No reporter asked about the opposite situation, when a patient is unloved and unfamous...


Blogger Joel said...

You can feel it when a staff member cares about the patients and about the other staff members. You want to be around them, go to them for counsel when you are falling apart or afraid of the ward.

For me, the best staff members were those who, themselves, had been in a psych ward at sometime in their past. You'd want to rage "You have no idea what I feel like!" And then the warm, sad look would come over their faces. "Oh, yes. I have. I've been where you are now."

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