Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Fat Doctor"

New favorite medblog. Would she do it all again?
Every now and then someone interested in becoming a physician asks me if I'd do it all again. Yes, I think. No, I think. Maybe. It's hard to remember when I made the conscious decision to be a doctor. It seems I just kept taking classes and here is where I landed. Truth is, I was unhappy before and I thought this career would solve that. It didn't. I had to get happy on my own. And if I'd made the effort to get happy while still a secretary, perhaps I could have been a happy secretary.

Most of this job is immensely satisfying, such as seeing a happy birth, being able to support a family during a death, easing pain and watching people transform their lives. Other times, my job is heartbreaking. People are lonely. People hurt. People are poor. Children and elderly are ignored. Sometimes I feel my patients want me to fix everything and I can't. Sometimes I think they expect nothing, perpetually, because life has never given them anything...
She has marathon clinic days. Some of her patients are scary (What, hers, too? I can relate.) Spend some time with her excellent blog!


Blogger Fat Doctor said...

Wow, I'm blushing! Thank you for the kind words.

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