Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dr. Choi helps survivors of Katrina

At last, after weeks of delays, Dr. Choi is in Louisiana. Somehow, he's still blogging:
"you can't hear yourself much less patients, with the helicopter landing and leaving.

tips for physicians coming: the patients are sicker than you'd expect. patients so far 8a-9a:
- alb/atr nebulized for asthma. bring steroids to nebulize as well.
- post-double vessel stenting, out of her asprin and antiplatlet plavix (i pray she finds a pharmacy to refil before she re-stenosis)
- bring your script pad (my dad forgot his) since people need tons of refills, and our inventory is small and limited to donations
- people look better than they acutally are. dehydration is insiduous, ask people the last time they peed. it was 2 days for the guy i last sutured up, because he'd had no food and water for 2 days.
- bring elavil, more antidepressants
- bring tons of tylenol and ibuprofen AVOID narcotics and benzos, plenty will ask though.
- lots of rashes, conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, diabetes, depression, anxiety"


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