Sunday, October 02, 2005

"Around This Table"

A song about divorce. Jerry Hall still sings it:
'You know how when you get divorced, you kind of obsess over an object that each of you has to have? It was like that.' The object is a dining table that has seen the happy days of a marriage: 'We make love on it./ Our children scratch their names beneath.' Then comes the decline: 'We scream across the surface./ Our hate is carved in stone./ At opposite ends, we fall apart and I am left alone./ Well, now you want this table for your pretty mistress's home.'

So who's got the table now? 'Mick's got it.' Why did she let him have it? 'I just let him have what he wanted. I don't really care about things that much. I was a little irritated, but I've totally gotten over it and I love my new table; it's so much better.'"
Ms. Hall left Mick Jagger in 1999. She says they're on excellent terms now.


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