Monday, October 17, 2005

British man takes legal action against his witch doctor.

In The Observer:
Kevin Bird from Cannock split up with his girlfriend and was very depressed about it. His worried mother gave him the business card of a Birmingham-based witch doctor called Mansor Barry...

According to the lovelorn Kevin Bird, Mr Barry 'repeatedly said that he would contact the spirits and reunite me with my girlfriend'. I'm not quite sure what the spirits were supposed to do about it. Sometimes, couples get back together because a problem has been resolved or their co-dependency turned out to be unbreakable; they rarely do it just because the furniture rattled in the night.

It is tricky for spirits to communicate clear instructions. If I heard an unearthly howl, or a vase of flowers suddenly threw itself on to the carpet, I'm not sure I would think: 'Ah, that means I should go to the pictures with my ex-boyfriend, Phil.'

So far, Kevin Bird has handed over a total of 1,500 pounds for Mr Barry's services, but his girlfriend still hasn't come back. He is starting to think perhaps the spirits aren't getting anywhere...

What Kevin actually suspects is that Mr Barry may be a charlatan. Kevin has now asked trading standards officers to investigate.


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