Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The art of diplomacy: confronting "suboptimal" doctors

Maria is learning:
There are bad doctors in this world. And maybe that’s not a fair statement; what I specifically mean is that there are doctors who have dangerously poor prescribing practices. And by “dangerously poor prescribing practices”, I mean “they’re writing prescriptions for doses of medications that are outright appalling”. And by “outright appalling”, I mean “only God knows what havoc that dose is wreaking on the body”. And by “only God knows”, I mean “I can’t believe the patient hasn’t gone into convulsions or otherwise died from that dose”.

And I am almost loathe to mutter my shock out loud because—um—I’m just a resident?

...It’s not like I can call up these docs and bluntly ask, “What the hay are you thinking?!” I suppose I could call up these people and demurely inquire, “Might I ask about the titration schedule you used for John Doe’s medications? Which symptoms were your targets?” And then insert those polite “uh huh”s and “I see”s and “Go on”s while the docs proceed to talk about things that may or may not make sense.

Never mind the “politics” behind this; the poor patient is caught in the middle...


Blogger Goesh said...

How often in commercials do we hear the words "ask your doctor"?
There is money to be made via ignorant patients who assume it is a doctor's responsibility to keep them well and healthy. They pay out the nose for this erroneous belief and often suffer. Treating a disease fosters lifestyle changes. Killing a disease fosters dependency. We are either patients or charts, but we the people must make the decision on which we want to be and choose our physicians accordingly. Patient, heal thyself with the assistance of a physician.

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