Saturday, April 23, 2005

Egg No. 13

Duane Keiser has been painting and posting a new oil-sketch every day since last December. He finds beauty in almost every object that crosses his path: orange pieces, garlic cloves, flowers, gum wrappers, noodle soup...even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He has a fondness for cracked eggs, and recently sold the thirteenth in his series.

I love the idea of painting blog posts, but I can't imagine doing it. Each spring, I resolve to paint every day in the park behind my house. But I'm lucky if I can sneak back there once or twice a week. I search for inconspicuous spots that have decent light and a view. I've been caught in downpours, chased by bees, and pestered by curious onlookers (it's best to avoid eye contact). By the end of spring, I might have one or two paintings that I can actually show someone.

But Mr. Keiser shows us something new every day. How long will he keep this up?
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