Friday, April 15, 2005

Anger management online?

Do not, repeat, do not allow HMO's or insurance companies near this link: "Intermission: for when things just get a little too infuriating." It presents a series of cute animal photos (kittens, baby penguins, etc.). It only stops when you, the furious viewer, indicate that you have calmed down. How long before this is deemed a cost-effective treatment for rage and explosive outbursts?

The author of "Intermission" has another webtoy, called "The Boiled Egg Game." This game may fit comfortably in Dr. Sanity's weekly "Carnival of the Insanities." (Actually, I've had interactions that reminded me very much of the "Boiled Egg Game"...with aphasic, perseverating patients, among others.) People who've lived and worked in certain institutions, and possibly in totalitarian states, may recognize elements of the Boiled Egg Game, as well.

For a hint of what many physicians are feeling these days: play the game for one minute, substituting either of these phrases for the words "Boiled Egg!"
(a) "Your work is not valued as much, these days." Or, (b) "Your sacrifices were not worth it."

Addendum: This morning, a patient told me, "Talking to a doctor is like talking to a damn doorknob. You can't ever get an answer that makes sense." Sounds like a "Boiled Egg" experience...
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