Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Campaign post-mortems...

started weeks ago at our house. My husband, a fervent Democrat, predicted that Bush would win. I could not understand his certainty.
"Abu WMD's...ballooning deficits...Michael Moore...Kerry's debate performance. Checkmate!" said I.
"You don't get it," said Mike. "You don't know this country. We all 'knew' that Humphrey would beat Nixon, that Carter would beat Reagan, that Mondale would beat Reagan. You can't ever count on the youth vote. Kerry always looks like a piece of cardboard. And there he was, shooting geese...what kind of message is that? 'Vote for Kerry, he'll protect you from geese.' People want their values. They want security. They know that Bush will use the sword. The sword is mightier than the blog..."
Is Mike right? Or was there more to it than that? Time for clinic. I expect I'll hear a lot about the election today...

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