Saturday, October 30, 2004

Message from the front lines, #2

Some e-mails are haunting. How should I respond to this reader?
"Shrinkette, My wife and I adopted a brain-injured child when he was four. Today he's 30, and between the nasty things that were done to him before he was two and the nasty things he's done to himself since then (alcohol, marijuana, crystal meth), has some serious problems. Since he's legally of age, we have little input into his health care. He's being prescribed some pretty powerful psychotropic drugs for several different problems. With his documented brain damage, it's difficult for him to remember to take his medication on time, or even to take it at all. He's extremely resistant to our control, so the medication isn't doing much good. There's no type of facility where he can be ordered to remain on the grounds and be cared for by an independent staff, so he drifts. Eventually, this will kill him. Needless to say, I'm developing a long list of politicians, professional 'do-gooders', and medical practitioners who have abetted this situation. One day we're going to have to realize that "one size fits all" does not now, nor has it ever, fit medicine."

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