Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Campaign imagery, part two

I see that I have been more charitable than some who comment on Naomi Wolf's analysis of Kerry's archetypal aptitude. A letter on Sullivan's site states: "The critique you just posted by Naomi Wolf has to be the most idiotic thing I've read in months. Part of it is unreadable. Teresa is opening a 'symbolic breach in Kerry's archetypal armor?' Whatever. Just so long as Sir John metaphorically unleashes his iconic sword to slay the dragon of legend and lift the imagined curse from our allegorical Land, I suppose we'll all be okay. The rest is nonsense..."
I don't believe that gender imagery is nonsense, but I do wish that more care and thought (and evidence) could be put into the analysis. And I wonder what Wolf hopes to gain, by going to Big Media with this stuff. (See my post, "With friends like these...") Who thinks that a daily torrent of criticism and advice, played out in the media, will improve a candidate's image?


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