Monday, September 06, 2004

But...I thought I would only get spammed!

I'm amazed by the comments I'm receiving. The post that I deleted, was miraculously re-submitted (thank you!):
"Patricia said...
Was that my post? I think this is what I said, LOL.
I think you are correct about the macho aspect of politics, but maybe all striving or competition, whether in business, sports, or politics is exactly that. It’s a metaphor or a rather fragile overlay that masks the essential struggle of life versus death inherent in all human endeavor. I’m thinking about this because I just saw Open Water--I have a degree in critical studies and have read lots of psychoanalytical theory—and it’s a fabulous film. It strips down the metaphor to the essential struggle that is at the heart of life and of the violent and beautiful natural world.
Why do we keep struggling against an inevitable end? Now, there’s a true mystery."

I expected mostly silence, and I'm receiving poetry! This is so humbling...Now I'm getting paged again, to return to the hospital. (Patricia's post will inspire me....)


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