Monday, November 28, 2005

"Film pirates sunk by the real thing"

Times Online:
PRODUCTION on two new Pirates of the Caribbean films, starring Keira Knightley, has been halted because of raids by real-life brigands, according to reports from the Bahamas.

Two cast members have been forced to flee for their lives after a series of robberies at the Grand Bahama island location, producers of the Disney film said...

“They [the robbers] were able to get into the room with a key and stole everything from laptops, passports, cheques and other equipment. The money they stole was actually the actors’ pay cheques.”

Some actors and crew members have been robbed four times in a month. The last incident happened on November 11. It is claimed that $20,000 (£11,500) in cash and equipment was taken.

Mr Kakebeen, chief executive of Jemini Seven Entertainment, declined to say whether any of the film’s stars had been targeted. But he said that two actors had left the island in fear of their lives as a result of the robberies. The equipment and cast losses have brought production to a standstill.

The Pirates shoot ran into controversy earlier this year when members of the Carib tribe on the island of Dominica accused Disney of perpetuating the myth that locals were cannibals. A scene in which Depp’s Captain Sparrow is tied to a skewer with vegetables and roasted on a spit “like a shish kebab” provoked calls for local people working as extras to boycott the filming. Nevertheless, hundreds of Grand Bahama residents have signed up to work as £50-a-day extras, answering a call for “sailors, pirates and Asian seamen”...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt these films will be rated "Arrrrr!".

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