Saturday, July 23, 2005

Where's my Flapdoodle?

It's powerful. It's magical. It gives us whatever we ask it long as it's good. Never bad, only good. The ultimate gadget for wish-fulfillment: the "Flapdoodle."

Psychiatrists explore patients' wishes. What do they want from themselves, from others, from life? How have they tried to reach their goals? What's working, and what isn't? Sometimes we'll ask: If you could have three wishes, whatever you want, what would you ask for?

Some hesitate. They're afraid to ask for anything. Others have a list. Some start with general things, like "world peace, no more hunger, no more illness." Then we might say: Okay, you have three more wishes. Anything you want.

More wishes? Anything? Now, heartfelt wishes might emerge: I want people to respect me. I want to be a better parent. I want to erase my past. I want meds and psychiatrists out of my life, forever. I want to feel like a person.

Ah, now we're talking! Now we can start to look at the connection between desires and behavior. We can assess goals. We can talk about healthy ways to reach goals.

But, unfortunately...I'm not "Dr. Flapdoodle." Although I would love to own one of those gadgets. That "Electromindomizer" looks pretty good, too.


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