Saturday, July 09, 2005

Curb those blogging excesses

At Notes from the Hinterlands:
Do you find yourself surfing from blog to blog, pausing only long enough to read the title before moving on? Have you modified your template more than 50 times? Do you check the site counter on your blog more than 10 times per day to see how many visitors you have had? Do you spend hours each day using Blog Explosion in order to increase traffic to your blog? Have you added so many features to your sidebar that it is longer than your posts? Does your blog have more than 500 links to other blogs? Do you post mindless drivel just so that you can say that you have updated your blog?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, BlogObsession: The Cure might be just the book for you...

...While the desire for visitors to one's blog is normal, the potential for obsession with this aspect of blogging is particularly strong. Chapter 4 describes the minimal traffic complex and suggests both coping strategies and, for those in greatest peril of effects bordering on pathology, suggestions for prescription medications. This chapter will be particularly useful for medical professionals whose patients present with blogobsession...
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