Monday, May 15, 2006

She's back!

BigMamaDoc is blogging again. What an ordeal she had!
As I was wheeled back to my ER room, Dr. Resident said, "Well, you've had several more strokes. I count at least 8 new lesions. Maybe more. This is very interesting. Let me repeat some of the physical exam. "

Oh, so who's the faker now, buddy?

The Neuro ICU is a strange place to be when you don't feel particularly ill. Strapped down by IVs and catheters. People were nice there. I whined to Nurse Scott a bit too much about having to use a commode for a BM. He recommended I go on a walking tour of the ICU to put things in perspective. I was the only nonintubated patient in the unit. My neighbor died over the weekend. She was an organ donor. I can't stop thinking about who got her heart, kidneys, eyes...
She reports that her blog-friends have helped her morale. She also has a prayer request.


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