Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Blogging Through The Ages"

Washington Post explores blogs written "by, for, and about older people":
'I started blogging because the mainstream media does not cover getting old, except disease, debility and decline,' Bennett said. Her site, to which she posts every day, features links to about 50 other older bloggers and so creates a kind of online community. 'Most of them are not writing about getting older,' Bennett told me, 'but collectively they continue to prove that old people are vital, alive, intelligent and useful...

"A lot of people as they grow older get socially isolated," Bennett said. "That leads to depression and early death. Blogging opens up a world of companionship, and it makes you eager to find out about things, read the newspaper, watch TV," which help make you a better, more informed blogger. Bloggers sometimes exchange e-mails, start corresponding directly and "become real friends," Bennett said. "And no less so for not being face to face. For older people, it's a godsend."
We have so many stereotypes about aging: seniors are all technophobic; aging is always misterable. These bloggers will challenge those myths...and perhaps tells us which of our stereotypes are true! How are they coping with aging? What do they think about their doctors? I need to catch up on these blogs.

Last week's Illustration Friday was devoted to images of aging. Here are some of my favorites:


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