Saturday, July 09, 2005


What does a panic attack feel like?
"...please allow me to introduce you to anxiety’s lecherous uncle, panic. Please allow me to tell you through these tears about my new EXECUTIONER. Let me tell you about the most intense feeling you will ever feel beyond love, beyond orgasm, beyond childbirth, beyond intoxication, beyond heroin, beyond the feeling in your throat as your plane is going down...

"…creeping up when you are doing something benign; folding laundry, washing the dishes, reading a book, talking to your partner, laughing about something funny that happened at work, and unlike anxiety where you get a tap on the shoulder that says, “Uh, excuse me…it’s time for your anxiety attack,” PANIC forms itself before you without your knowledge and is shot with the piercing speed of an M72-66mm LAWSs rocket right through your fucking chest.

"It is gonna blow a hole through you with enough speed to knock you back fifty feet..."
-from Tracy, at Time For Your Meds. More on panic disorder here.
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