Saturday, June 18, 2005

Father-blogging at Medmusings

Dr. Enoch Choi is the latest medblogger to catch the eye of mainstream media. A reporter asked for his thoughts about being a dad:
...i have something of the following to say, lets see how much they garble it:

- many dads nowadays are more involved, diapering, bathing, feeding, putting to bed, to try to be as helpful as possible
- this is something they do out of love for their kids, and thru it become more intimate with them -- recompense enough! kids, they're so sweet...
- many dads take time off, or reduced schedules to do more with kids
- moms may not appreciate it since they're so overwhelmed with the care needs that a little help is not that big a reduction in their workload
- dads can feel underappreciated for their efforts
More thoughts for Father's Day, and some incredibly cute photos of Dr. Choi's kids, at medmusings.
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