Saturday, March 12, 2005

How to leave your body

Helpful Mr. Sun links to a do-it-yourself guide to "out-of-body experiences."
It says - surprise! - that there is power in suggestion:
The first method, affirmations or self-suggestion, is to tell yourself, "I want to have an out-of-body experience," "I want to leave my body" or similar suggestions. The best times to do this are right before you fall asleep and especially right after you wake up in the morning. At these times you are in close contact with your subconscious. I wake up very slowly. For about a half hour I'm in contact with my subconscious mind. When I give myself suggestions then, they are very effective. Make these affirmations several times a day.
Mr. Sun informs us that, "if he had your body, he'd also do anything he could to get out of it."

More on spirit departure:
"Mr. Albert Sykes reports the following experience: "I was sitting having biscuits with some friends when I felt my spirit leave my body and go make a telephone call. For some reason, it called the Moscowitz Fiber Glass Company. My spirit then returned to my body and sat for another twenty minutes or so, hoping nobody would sugest charades. When the conversation turned to mutual funds, it left again and began wandering around the city. I am convinced that it visited the Statue of Liberty and then saw the stage show at Radio City Music Hall. Following that, it went to Benny's Steak House and ran up a tab of sixty-eight dollars. My spirit then decided to return to my body, but it was impossible to get a cab. Finally, it walked up Fifth Avenue and rejoined me just in time to catch the late news. I could tell that it was reentering my body, because I felt a sudden chill, and a voice said, 'I'm back. You want to pass me those raisins?'

(from Woody Allen, "Examining Psychic Phenomena," in "Without Feathers." Warner Books, NY: 1976, page 13)
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