Friday, March 11, 2005

Health risk for bloggers?

Perhaps for some of us, anyway. Long hours in front of a computer can increase risk of deep-vein thrombosis, aka blood clots. Andrew Lycett, of the Times of London, blames Google for his DVT's:
...When I started writing biographies a decade ago, finding a date or checking a quotation required a trot to the library. Now I sit at my desk, punch words into a search engine and the information appears before me. It makes writing much easier but also dangerously sedentary, as I have learnt to my cost. Last year not just one but three deep-vein thromboses were diagnosed in my right leg.

A report by MPs this week says that thousands of hospital patients are dying unnecessarily of blood clots every year because doctors aren’t alert to the problem. It estimates that clots kill 25,000 people in England a year. But I wasn’t in hospital; nor had I taken a long-distance flight. DVT has become over-identified as the “economy-class syndrome”. The combination of pressurised cabins, dehydration and cramped seating does cause veins to tighten, blood to congeal and, if you are unlucky, send a clot to your lungs (the dreaded pulmonary embolism). But driving for long periods can also do the trick. Or, like me, sitting at a desk at home, writing 1,000 words a day to meet a book deadline...

Looking back, I am certain that they developed from my sedentary lifestyle, though not so much from sitting ( many do that) but from my manner of doing so...
He has tips for avoiding DVT's (hint: get moving!).
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