Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Too painful to watch

Are you watching American Idol? I'm with Ann Althouse on this one: it is heartbreaking to watch some of these contestants. Here's Ann:
"I really feel for the young people who seem not to have anyone to help them, to let them know what isn't appropriate. A lot of these kids are just guessing at what is good and making bad judgments, but if they only had someone to direct them, everything would be different. Some of them seem so all alone. It's really very touching sometimes."
It's trite, it's ridiculous, but it's true: my heart simply aches for them.

It doesn't stop there. After a day at work, it's a challenge to watch contestants lose money on TV game shows. I see their expressions, their loss flickering over their faces. Comforting words rise in my throat. Wheel of Fortune swings to "Bankrupt"...a pile of winnings, gone...No!

(We don't watch much TV around here, anymore...)
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