Thursday, January 13, 2005

More on "Crazy for You" Bear

Bloggers sound off about the restrained bear, whose commitment papers certify its disturbed and uncontrollable behavior. "Ha! Crazies!" says one. "Lighten up," say others. "It's a follow-up to their popular 'Stalker Bear,'" says the Mock-up, suggesting marketing angles yet to be explored.

Who would want such a gift? What torment has been suffered in those dreaded, humiliating harnesses? Is this something we should "lighten up" about?

I've never actually seen a straitjacket. They were gone long before I started training. I googled "straitjacket" and got predictable results: "Find New and Used Straitjackets on Ebay." These turned out to be leather bondage equipment, suggesting a predicament for the bear that its makers perhaps did not consider...

I imagine buying one of the bears, removing the restraint, and setting it free. But I couldn't reward this silly, clueless company. It's already getting too much publicity, unfortunately.
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