Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My office

...has the following:

Lexapro pens
Wellbutrin pens
Abilify pens
Prozac wall clock
Abilify weight scale
Zyprexa notepads
Risperdal notepads
Paxil pens
Geodon pens
Depakote pens
Depakote notepads

Is it really still my office?

Update: Caltechgirl says that drug companys' promotional flotsam are taking over at her lab, too:
I had to let you know that your post about all of the drug rep swag made me laugh. Sounds like my office. Coffee mugs, coasters, pens, notepads, post-its, clocks, etc. all bearing the names of various antipsychotics and SSRIs have populated my office too. And we're a research lab! Drug reps don't even care about us. I guess it all migrated from the clinicians' offices down the hall.

Of course, we also have plenty of junk from the research suppliers as well, and my boss' husband is an executive with a different pharma company, so we are literally swimming in this crap! At least we never have to look for pens :)

This reminds me that I also have Zoloft mugs, Geodon mugs, Eskalith pens, and post-its from the same companies...

Do they think that these trinkets influence our prescribing decisions? When I see a Depakote pen, if I think about the logo at all, I think of the good things and the bad things about Depakote. I think about the potential side effects. But mostly, it's just a pen. The drug companies probably have marketing data about how these things boost sales. I think we're more influenced by the availability of free drug samples...

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