Friday, December 31, 2004

The next Grand Rounds...

is at Dr. Rangel's blog.
Accepting submissions for the next Grand Rounds - Deadline is 9 pm mountain standard time (GMT-7) on 1-3-2005. Send submissions to drrangel - at -

Even though the deadline is 9 pm I will still be checking my email into Tuesday morning and will try and add on late entries however you have the best chance of being read if you get in your submission early. Submit early. Submit often!

I will try and group the entries into categories. Nick from Blogborygmi came up with some general guidelines for the first Grand Rounds but these are guidelines only and may help you in getting ideas about what to write about.

According to Nick, the first post listed in Grand Rounds typically gets the most attention so I have decided to revive Kevin MD's idea of choosing an Editor's pick from among the submissions to be the first listed in Ground Rounds. This pick will most likely be that submission that has the most original material and/or a well written opinion and will not necessarily be a patient story or case study nor the longest article.

New feature: Why should Grand Rounds be limited to bloggers? For those readers who have no forum on which to voice an opinion I am offering to post their submissions on as a guest contributor and have them listed on the next Grand Rounds.
posted by Chris Rangel MD 12/30/2004
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