Sunday, December 26, 2004

For tsunami victims

Send online donations to the International Committee of the Red Cross here, and donate to Care International here.

Update: Some more choices for giving. The American Red Cross has an International Response Fund, which includes aid for tsunami victims:
"You can help those affected by the recent tsunamis in South Asia, the humanitarian crisis in Sudan and Chad, and countless other crises around the world each year by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross." Donate here. (Select International Response Fund from the menu.)
Also, the Canadian Red Cross has sent out an urgent appeal for cash donations for victims of flooding in Asia. Donate here (Select "South East Asia Tidal wave and Earthquake" from the menu).

Another update! Hugh Hewitt has recommended World Vision for excellent disaster relief for tsunami victims. I make no claims about any of these organizations, but I'd just like to do something...

Note - yet more discussion of aid, and aid links, by Instapundit, Jay Manifold, Chanakya, Tim Blair, and the Command Post.

12/27 update: The Christian Science Monitor describes relief efforts, and mentions the International Committee of the Red Cross, Care International, and World Vision.
They provide more links to aid agencies, via an AP source.

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