Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Blog-Fu Master

Scott Adams has set forth rules for debate on the Internet. Lotharbot adds his own, in a comment at Chicagoboyz:
1) Find someone else who has the same label as the person you're arguing with. Find a ridiculous opinion of theirs. Argue about that...

2) Answer each half-sentence separately, especially sentences using the word "but". Don't bother trying to fit the context; just find a way to interpret the half-sentence that's false and argue against it. Bonus points if you can get away with grouping half-sentences talking about totally different things together.

3) Bring up the opinion of a Known Idiot. When your opponent says that person is an idiot, ask why they've "suddenly" decided to distance themselves from the person...
My favorite:
6) Tell your opponent (who is clearly quite happy) that you're sorry they got upset, and that you'll stop arguing because you don't want to anger them any more. If they respond by saying they're not angry, tell them you're glad they calmed down, but you still don't want them to get angry. Keep doing this until they flame you, and leave their angry response as the last word.
Who dares to tangle with Lotharbot?


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