Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lady McCartney wants to buy 100,000 dogs save them from the fur trade. An interview in the Observer. She talks about her cause, and her troubled past. And what's this? She told Sir Paul:
'I would not get married to him if he was taking drugs. I hate it. I counselled people on drugs. Fifty per cent of people can smoke joints their entire life and be fine. But the other 50 per cent, if there is a history of depression in their family or in their genes, then they can not smoke marijuana. If I had it I'm sure I would go wacky because we obviously have this history of mental instability in the family. And I could not have him lying to our child about not taking drugs and then going out for a sneaky puff.'

Did he find it hard to give up?

'He says he had a good incentive.'
I'm not sure about her statistics. But she seems very sure of them.

(Oregon has legalized "medical marijuana." Some users have complained to me about memory problems. It's one cause of memory loss that we can actually do something about. More on MJ here.)


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