Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More on Cyberbullies

Ms. Liz Ditz, author of I Speak of Dreams, responds:
My natural, kick the tires, all-y'all are so full of bs nature is saying...

Cyberbullying is nothing new. Kids 1-5 have been ganging up on kid #6 since the beginning of time...

But then,

I wonder. If my daughter were receiving IM after IM, filled with cutting comments about her face, her figure, her demeanor, her deportment in school -- that is, she has a cell phone, it is with her at all* times, she uses it as a timer and an alarm clock

It is almost like a psychosis, isn't it? A whispering voice you cannot escape. In other words, you have to read the message in order to know if it is abusive.

But to say, "cyberbullying is wrong" is correct, and does not solve the problem. Hell, alcoholism is wrong, but we've been living with that problem for thousands of years.

The victim of an abuser can only change his or her own response.
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