Thursday, February 24, 2005

"Computer Eye Strain"

At WebMD, a patient writes:
"Last month, as I was working on an extensive computer project, I literally stared at my screen for hours on end. After that I developed pains around my eyes. These pains are intermittent, and I see very minute flashes in the corner of my eyes. Is this severe eyestrain from my monitor or something more serious?"
Here's the ophthalmologist's response:

Computers represent the No. 1 source for workplace discomfort. (Ed.- really?) Much of it is preventable, as you have suggested.
Turn off lights adjacent to the monitor or behind the computer. Illumination from behind the operator works best.
The desktop should be 29 inches from the ground.
Adjust the monitor and/or chair height so that when looking straight at the monitor, your line of sight is directly at the top edge of the screen. This generates a slight downward gaze – most comfortable for long work periods.
Finally, the screen surface should be approximately 30 inches from your face so the intermediate portion of your trifocals focuses properly without requiring excess accommodation from you.
Ask your eye doctor if you would benefit from an eyeglass prescription specifically for the computerscreen working distance...
In other words, I'm doing everything wrong...
Ask Dr. Lloyd -- Computer Eye Strain
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