Monday, December 20, 2004

Holiday CPR Quiz

We renewed our basic CPR certification today. It's a requirement for all medical staff at the hospital. Psychiatrists endured the usual jokes, which are de rigueur ("How does your mannikin feel about choking?"). But I was inspired to make this CPR quiz. Do try to attend a CPR training course. You could save a life!
(See also my disclaimer.**)
1. You're opening presents by the tree. Grandpa is having chest he's unresponsive and doesn't seem to be breathing. What basic CPR steps are recommended? Answer: here.

2. Your family gathers to sing carols. "Joy to the world..." You notice your 6 year old niece, who has a history of heart problems, has suddenly become unresponsive. What do CPR guidelines suggest? Answer: here.

3. More horrors. The baby! The baby is not breathing, not responding. What is recommended by CPR guidelines? Answer: here.

4. Grandma chokes on Christmas dinner. What do CPR guidelines advise? Answer: here. And if the baby chokes? Answer: here.

5. Wait for the dog is having cardiopulmonary difficulties. (Not required knowledge for medical staff, but the dog is sinking fast.) How does one help? Answer: here.

More CPR links, and info on basic CPR classes, here. Imagine, if you take this class, you will receive hands-on training to help save lives in each of these situations.

Thanks to Dr. Mickey Eisenberg, MD, PhD, who gives us Learn CPR, from which these links are taken. Here's what his site says about him:
Mickey S. Eisenberg, M.D., Ph.D., is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington and Director of the Emergency Medicine Service at the the University of Washington Medical Center. Dr. Eisenberg has taught and studied CPR for 20 years. He is actively involved in using innovative means (such as this web page) to teach CPR to as many people as possible. His wife, Jeanne, is a babe.

**(disclaimer: the above quiz is intended to familiarize others with information imparted in a basic CPR training course, and is not to be considered a substitute for an actual CPR training course. No medical advice is given on this site, except "Talk to your doctor," and in this one case, "Try to take a CPR training course.")
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