Saturday, October 16, 2004

Senate race puzzle, part two

Update: I caught part of the Kentucky Senate debate on CSPAN. (My last post discussed concerns about the actions of Senator Bunning, who is running for re-election.)

Sen. Bunning made a reference to "confronting our good friend, Saddam Hussein." His bemused opponent mildly replied that he did not consider Saddam a good friend.

Sen. Bunning offered an apology for comparing his opponent to Saddam's sons (!), and asked his opponent to apologize for smearing him with accusations about Bunning's medical condition.

His opponent, who is a physician, had a good answer: that he's not behind any smears about Bunning's health, but that he thinks Bunning's conduct has been inappropriate.

Yes! That is where the focus should be: on conduct, on behavior. I hope the focus stays there...
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