Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Re-living 9/11

Last night we listened to "On the Transmigration of Souls," by John Adams. Written for the victims of 9/11, it's a powerful work, for "orchestra, chorus, children's choir, and pre-recorded soundtrack," complete with street sounds, recitations of victims' names, and quotations from those pleading "missing-person" posters. I'm not a music critic, so this will be rough going, but I can say that it absolutely swept us off our feet, and back into the emotions of that time.

Adams has said that his goal was to create a "memory space" that captures the experience of loss and mourning. He hoped that it would speak to anyone who has experienced profound grief and loss....I think he has succeeded. The entire work lasts about 25 minutes (but, as in grieving, the recovery takes much longer). We have long been fans of John Adams, and he continues to inspire and move us.


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